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Name:Edward of Daein
Birthdate:Jan 19

The Sword of Justice

Edward was born and raised in the back alleys of Daein. Never having seen the faces of his parents, he lived on bravely, never losing his cheerfulness and hope even though he was at the very bottom. During Daein's war with Crimea, there was a rumor that skilled individuals were being recruited as soldiers independently of their status. Based on that, Edward, thinking that he could perhaps leave that lifestyle behind, started training in order to become skilled with a sword. However, Daein soon lost the war, and that dream was crushed.

Eventually, the occupation army started the crackdown on the back alleys, but Edward's characteristic quick wit and nimbleness allowed him to skillfully run from place to place and keep on living. At the time, he saves Leonardo by chance. In exchange for teaching the clueless Leonardo how to live in the underworld and ways of avoiding his pursuers, Edward is taught the basics of fighting, and the two quickly become friends. Later, the two meet Nolan and join the Dawn Brigade.

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